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Central Support Services


Central Support Services (CSS) team

The Central Support Services (CSS) team provides support to all IAT schools in the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Facilities Management
  • Human Resources (HR) & Governance


The CSS team is led by John Huskinson, Chief Operating Officer.

CSS went live in April 2019 with all of the legacy staff from our schools transferring to the new structure. We have subsequently made new appointments directly to the structure as the Trust and central services has evolved.

The new model has several benefits over school specific teams:

  • It improves the resilience of the support provided across all schools
  • It shares knowledge and skills across the team and therefore benefits all schools
  • It delivers efficiencies, which can be redirected to teaching and learning
  • This supports the delivery of high standards in support areas.

As IAT grows further and new schools join the Trust, it is expected that any staff in the areas above will be incorporated into the CSS team. The cost of these staff will also be transferred to the CSS team.

The cost of the CSS structure is met by recharging IAT schools on the basis of the share of overall pupil numbers. Pupil numbers on roll is the main driver for most of the activity supported by CSS and is easy to understand and calculate.

Other contracted out services

A number of Trust services are contracted out to improve the quality of service and maximise industry expert knowledge and skills.

Our Catering facilities, including the provision of meals to local primary schools, are provided by our partner Aspens.

IAT uses EAC, a local ICT company to provide trust-wide ICT support to all our schools.

We have partnered with Action in The Community (AiTC) for the provision of Lettings across the Trust. AiTC work with us to facilitate and manage the use of our sports and other facilities to provide a wealth of opportunities for the local community to actively participate in.

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An overview of the teams in CSS is given below...