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Initial Teacher Training and Early Careers Teaching at Insignis Academy Trust Schools  

Insignis Academy Trust Schools are excited to meet newly qualified teachers, who are ambitious to begin their Early Career journey at Buckinghamshire’s fastest growing and exciting Multi Academy Trust.

We are interested in supporting new teachers to grow into the future leaders of our Schools. We expect our teachers to be genuinely interested in our Students, their learning, their welfare and their ambition to succeed. We are eager to work with Early Career teachers, who want to work collaboratively across departments and our schools. We are particularly interested in working with newly qualified teachers who are excited to continue their learning journey as a professional, where their ambition will further inspire our students to achieve.

Insignis Academy Trust’s Schools

Insignis Academy Trust currently has four schools, including the Kingsbrook School which is due to open in September 2022. Each school manages it staffing needs with the support of the Trust’s HR team.

As a Multi Academy Trust, Insignis can offer trainee teachers and Early Career teachers a broader experience and with a different level of support to a standalone school or Academy. This is because of the way we have structured our Initial Teacher Training and Early Career programme.

Michelle Oxley is the Insignis Initial Teacher Training Coordinator, who is part of our Human Resources team.  Michelle works directly with the school’s Professional Tutors, to coordinate the trainee recruitment process, ECT registration and liaison with the different providers we work with. Michelle also supports the Professional Tutors and Mentors with compliance and training. This means that as a trainee teacher or ECT at an Insignis Academy Trust school, you will benefit from not only your school based support but also the support of Michelle and the HR team too. We can then ensure that all trainees and ECTs from across our schools have the same great experience regardless of which school they are at. You can contact Michelle via the HR Mailbox on 

Training Routes

As a Multi Academy Trust, we aspire to be as innovative as we can be. Our goal is to recruit trainees to our schools that will become our Trust future leaders. To accommodate this ambition, we have a diverse range of routes into teaching, ranging from traditional University based PGCE routes to salaried Teacher Apprenticeship routes.

The traditional University based PGCE route is available at IAT schools. We work with a range of Universities including local providers such as: University of Hertfordshire; Brunel University; University of Bedfordshire and Oxford Brookes University. These routes are generally fee paying postgraduate routes, but some subject areas may carry a bursary or grant from either the University or the Department for Education.

We also work with school based providers locally. The SCITT school based route providers that we work with locally are Astra, who are our local Teaching School and The Buckinghamshire SCITT. Both routes into teaching provide the opportunity to secure a PGCE with the support of a University Partner. School Direct places can be available from these providers however, salaried, school direct places are becoming harder to find due to changes in Teacher Training processes nationally. That means that these routes are generally fee paying postgraduate routes, but some subject areas may carry a bursary, from the University or Department for Education.

The final route into teaching that we offer is the Teaching Apprenticeship route. We work with two providers The University of Coventry and e-Qualitas to offer trainees a salaried route into teaching. The UoC route includes a PGCE and the e-Qualitas route can include a PGCE with the undertaking of an additional module. In both cases, the student fees are covered by IATs Apprenticeship Levy and trainees are paid as an unqualified teacher during their training period. This training route is a 12 month course with 3 months of the time spent becoming acquainted with school and the remaining 9 embarking on teaching practice.

All of these routes require a second school placement. We endeavour to ensure that trainees are placed at another Insignis School and that this is a smooth process.

Overseas Trained Teachers

If you have trained overseas (outside the EEA and EU) you will more than likely need to have your qualifications assessed and will need to achieve Qualified Teacher Status in the UK. This can be daunting and at times a frustrating process for experienced professionals. However, we will support you on this journey.

Following a skills and qualifications assessment can support Overseas Trained Teachers to undertake the Self Assessed Route with one of our University Partners. This is a 14 week assessment process that can lead to the award of QTS. If this route is not deemed to be appropriate, we can support Overseas Trained Teachers to undertake the Apprenticeship Teacher route to QTS.

We have a lot of experience in supporting overseas teachers and can help to make sense of what can be a difficult process.

Assistant Teacher to Teacher Programme.

At Insignis, we are committed to growing our own teachers as much as we can and the AT to Teacher route might be for you. At IAT schools we call our Teaching Assistants, Assistant Teachers. This is because they do much more than just assist the teacher. At Insignis we recognise that our AT’s assist the learning of our vulnerable student’s and therefore they assist the teaching, not the teacher.

The AT to Teacher route is a four year programme that supports a potential trainee teacher to work at one of our schools as an Assistant Teacher for a year before embarking on a salaried Apprentice Teacher training route and then on to the two year Early Career Teacher programme.

The AT to Teacher Programme means that we are able to support our vulnerable students with ambitious graduates, while giving these graduates the opportunity to get a very strong impression of what school life is like. The programme is constructed as follows:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Appointed as an AT with the opportunity to apply for an Apprentice Teaching Training after 9 months or to continue as an AT.

Appointed as an Apprentice teacher on a 12 month unqualified contract with Teacher Training provision in an IAT school.

There is the potential to be offered an ECT position at an IAT school.

If appointed as an ECT at an IAT school, the ECT programme begins at this point in your permanent role (subject to completion of the ECT programme)

The ECT programme continues and you will receive full Qualified Teacher Status and continue in your permanent role at your IAT school.

Special Educational Needs Teachers

Currently we have one Additional Resource Provision (ARP) for ASD based at Princes Risborough School. In September 2022 we will open The Kingsbrook School, in Aylesbury, that will also have an ARP for Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs. We are also working with three other schools locally to recruit graduate Assistant Teachers to work with our SEND students and potentially continue on to train as a teacher and develop a Career as a SEND Specialist Teachers at either Insignis schools or with one of our partner schools.

Next Steps

If you are interested in joining us as either a Graduate Assistant Teacher, Trainee Teacher or an Early Career Teacher, we advise the following steps:

  1. If you are attending a recruitment event that we are present at, come and talk to us.
  2. Register your details on our secure Google Form and we can contact you.
  3. Visit our schools websites, explore their curriculum, pastoral support and extra-curricular programmes, which school appeals to you the most?
  4. You can contact to arrange to talk to Michelle Oxley our ITT Coordinator who can link you with a Professional Tutor at one of our schools.
  5. Arrange a visit, contact Michelle to come in and meet the team and get feel for our schools.
  6. Sign up for updates with the TES and with the HR team to make sure you are kept up to date about opportunities and roles that arise at Insignis schools.


Use your smartphone to access our Google Form to register your interest in working or training with an Insignis School. Alternatively you can use this link: