Collaborate to Succeed

Insignis Academy Trust (IAT) was established in July 2016. We are an education charity with the primary objective of improving education across the Trust.

The Trust currently contains two schools, Princes Risborough School and Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School. However, its purpose is to work with other schools to create a significant enhancement to the education of students locally.

IAT Vision 

To improve the quality of educational experiences of young people locally.


IAT Values

  • A collective responsibility for the education of all students within the Trust
  • A fully inclusive approach, maximising the attainment and achievement of every student in a nurturing and challenging educational environment
  • An ethos of personal development enabling students to gain life skills and a positive approach to well-being alongside academic qualifications


IAT Aims 

  • To provide an exceptional educational experience across all schools within the Trust
  • To create governance and shared leadership that is committed to developing young people and strives for outstanding educational progress for all students
  • To recruit and invest in continuing professional development of quality staff across the Trust
  • To utilise best practice across the Trust to drive school improvement
  • To grow to at least three schools within five years
  • To maintain a strong commercial skill base at board level and knowledgeable, experienced governors on school local governing bodies


The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees who are responsible for strategic direction as outlined in the Strategic Plan, response to changes in the sphere of secondary education, and financial accountability. A Finance and Audit Committee operates across the Trust and reports directly to the board. 

Each school has a Local Governing Body, which meets termly and is accountable for the delivery of the annual Development and Financial Plans. It delegates detailed work to committees, including reviewing the work of the school in providing quality education to students, provision of policies and guidelines that set clear working parameters, effective recruitment and retention of staff, and monitoring the school's budget.   

The Local Governing Body and committees are informed and assisted by nominated members of the school's Senior Leadership Team, whilst also reserving the right to call on all members of staff to assist them in delivering the school's objectives. 

Parents and carers are able to contact the IAT Board of Trustees or Local Governing Body Governors via the schools or emails below: 

IAT     trustees@insignis.org.uk

PRS    chairofgovernors@prsbucks.com 

SHFGS  governors@sirhenryfloyd.co.uk